03 – User Accounts

For source code see GitHub.

Step 03-01 Remove and Add Meteor Packages

Level: Beginners


From the Meteor documentation:

Meteor also has a special “insecure mode” for quickly prototyping new applications. In insecure mode, if you haven’t set up any allow or code>deny rules on a collection, then all users have full write access to the collection. This is the only effect of insecure mode. If you call allow or deny at all on a collection, even Posts.allow({}), then access is checked just like normal on that collection. New Meteor projects start in insecure mode by default.

To turn it off just run in your terminal:

meteor remove insecure


From the Meteor documentation:

By default, Meteor automatically publishes every document in your collection to each connected client.

To turn it off just run in your terminal:

meteor remove autopublish


From the Meteor documentation:
A turn-key user interface for Meteor Accounts.
To add Accounts and a set of login controls to an application, add the accounts-ui package and at least one login provider package: accounts-password, accounts-facebook, accounts-github, accounts-google, accounts-twitter, or accounts-weibo.

That means for us:

meteor add accounts-ui
meteor add accounts-password

Step 03-02 Change the Code

Level: Beginners

Step 03-03 Commit changes to GitHub.com

This is already explained in a previous video.